These Are The Days!

Hi there!  For #TBT (Throw Back Thursday for anyone like me still learning about #’s in general), I wanted to share an important lesson learned specific to planning an event, or in my case it was my first wedding 30 years ago.  Gasp…30 years?

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So yeah, that’s obviously not me 30 years ago (can’t remember where pictures are packed away from “that” wedding!)  I was so young and naive, as was my husband.  We had no clue what we were getting into, and obviously I used the word first wedding so we all know the ending to that story.  But I don’t regret the relationship because it shaped both of us and has allowed us to truly appreciate our current marriages and the two amazing people we have in our lives now.  So I’m thankful…but that’s not really what I wanted to talk about.

In the “old” days, weddings were somehow more simple.  Thirty years ago there were colors to decide on, flowers, a dress, a cake, venue, and music; same as today.  But not much more.  You had the standard guest book with a feathered pen (yes, feathered), a cake with many tiers and doves (so many doves), bows everywhere and things to figure out like “what is the correct order in which your wedding party stands in the receiving line?”  What’s a receiving line some of you may ask?  You’ll have to “Google” it!  Fun times…

Old School Cake Cutting

Today couples and planners have a bit more daunting task in planning the perfect event.  Now you want your wedding to be the most unique and unforgettable experience ever and hear nothing but “this is the best wedding I’ve ever been to” remarks. It’s that attention to detail that allows us to do what we do at Yours For Your Day and we love being a part of that process!

My wedding day on September 19, 1984 was a complete and utter blur!  I really don’t remember much and it’s not because it was 30 years ago or because there was drinking involved!  It was a blur the very next day.  Even with the reduced number of details to plan for back then, I was exhausted by our wedding day.  We had a large wedding and honestly, I didn’t even know most of our guests and for that matter, neither did my husband.  We went through all of the mandated motions of the day and before we could even get a bite to eat during the reception, the day had come and gone!

(Warning: drinking too much on your special day will definitely cause a blur!)

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So, if you haven’t heard this advice yet, you’ll hear it now, and you’ll hear it again from others, I’m sure:  take time to enjoy every aspect of your planning for this huge day in your life!  Try not to lose sight of what the day is all about.  Take time on the day of your wedding to just stop and soak it all in.  Embrace the moments when you can just reflect on marrying your best friend, your soul mate, your love.

Photo Credit: adwriter via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: adwriter via Compfight cc

Nothing else matters, no details, no guest experience, nothing!  And as long as you can keep the “purpose” front and center in everything you do, everything else is just fluff!  So take a deep breath and breathe it all in every step of the way.  Because these are the days, the ones you’ll want to remember forever!

Take care, back soon!


P.S. I got it right the second time around; more on that in a future post 😉

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