Rent a Vintage Dresser! Wait, What?

Hi there!  Welcome to the first of a 3-part series of introduction posts for Yours For Your Day. So who is Yours For Your Day anyhow?  Well, it’s me (Shelley) and my husband Warren and it’s also anyone else who is willing to jump-in and help us out in these early days of our event rentals company based in the Denver, Colorado area.

Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you!

So what do we rent?  We rent eclectic (think vintage) furniture and rustic decor to folks who are looking to create unique and utterly original events.  So weddings, parties, corporate events, photo shoots…you get the picture?  Well, maybe not.  I often get confused looks when I say the words “rent” and “dressers” together for example.  And my normal clarification is:  why rent a boring standard rental table that must be then covered-up with a rented tablecloth when you can rent a really cool old dresser, or vanity, or rustic table instead?

The Tommy Lou Buffet
The Tommy Lou Buffet
Rustic Reception Tables
The Oehlerking Table

 See anything a standard rental table can do, vintage furniture pieces can do better!  They’re basically just tables with a whole lot of charm and character!  But we do have some pretty amazing tables too!

 Mismatched event chairs and benches give guests something much cooler to sit on than traditional rented plastic folding chairs.  Truly eclectic!

Ceremony 1
Mismatched Event Chairs

Then there’s our fancy upholstered furniture and rustic decor that are great for photo props; take a look at some of these beauties:

Elizabeth Set
The Elizabeth Set
Upholstered Chairs
The Alvena Chair


So now that you know a little bit about who we are, watch for my next post on why I wanted to start a blog for Yours For Your Day. Thanks for visiting!

Vintage Bicycle Prop

 Back soon,