Get Me the Jumper Cables…Stat! Recharging Your Inner Batteries

So if I still had a daily planner I carried around with me, that’s what it would look like! Right up there, stuffed to the gills with receipts, memos; just stuff! But I don’t carry one of those any more and I haven’t for decades, thank goodness. So what are we talking about today, besides that sad visual above?
How about recharging your batteries?


Here’s the deal, it’s been a busy start to 2015 for Yours For Your Day : a vintage market, a bridal show, new bookings, and then a styled/inspiration shoot have had us hopping! We’ve also been dealing with some adjustments in our personal life that have been challenging for Warren and I.  So it’s the hectic start to a busy year that got me thinking about what the rest of this year has in store for us. And how are we going to manage it? What do we need to do to stay energized and renewed throughout the year?

Recharging your inner batteries when you feel worn-out and as well-used as this old red wagon.

Most of us feel worn-out and well-used at the end of each day; like that awesome red wagon up there. For us, we’re looking ahead to a year filled with keeping one business moving ahead steadily, another business growing into its own, two (count them two) moves as we prepare to purchase a new home later in the year, two family weddings during our wedding business’s busy season, and as many trips as we can manage to visit our newly relocated family in another state.Whew! Shoot me, shoot me now! And while that may be a quick solution, what we really need to do is recharge our batteries and recharge them often!

Is a cup of coffee next to a fire your way of recharging your inner batteries?

And what challenges are you going through these days? Planning for your wedding, getting ready for a new baby, dealing with a loss, a major relocation, coping with an illness, or are you just busy beyond belief with the average daily aspects of life? What are you going to do to get through it? What have you already done to get past it? The great news is this: we’ve all been wired with rechargeable batteries! (I personally believe it’s a gift from God!)

For me, daily frustrations and a feeling of being overwhelmed with tasks are always tamed by some quiet time to make my “to do” lists.  Yes, just putting it down on my desk calendar or entering it into OneNote does the trick for me! It’s my way of relieving the daily stress.  No lists and I’m a mess! It gives me focus in the morning and gets me ready for the day ahead because even though I should be restored and refreshed in the morning after a good sleep; I seldom am!

But for the bigger stuff in life,  re-energizing for me requires more like a long weekend away with my love (preferably a trip up to the mountains or a getaway to a California beach or Disneyland!) Don’t judge; we absolutely love Disneyland because even with the crowds, we are rejuvenated by tapping into our inner children!


For you it may be alone time, meditation or yoga, it may be surrounding yourself with friends and family, a ride down the mountain covered in freshly fallen snow, it may be writing poetry, a nice afternoon nap, a quiet cup of coffee on the porch, or it may be a stroll through a park or woodland trail, yes even in the snow! Whatever helps you to recharge your batteries, you need to make the time to do just that, and as often as you need it!

Is an afternoon nap your idea of recharging your inner batteries?

The “stuff” filling your life and causing you stress can all wait! Nothing is more important than staying healthy emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We all need to do it for ourselves and we need to do it for those who love and depend upon us.


So what do you do (or what do you need to do) to go about recharging your inner batteries? Please post your favorite way to breathe new life into your soul in the comments below.  I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts! And sharing your thoughts may help someone else figure out where their own jumper cables are and how to use them!

Back Soon,

Falling Image

Falling For Change

{transition}: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.


I had a chance for some reflection this weekend as Warren and I walked around the property.  It was a beautiful fall morning.  Fall; my very favorite season!  More than any other season, fall gives us such a visual representation of transition.  The combination of reds, oranges, and yellows are undeniable signs of change.  It got me to thinking about changes in life too.

Fall Walk


I think as humans, we are programmed to resist change, at least the kind of change that sneaks up on us.  But for some of us, we thrive on change.  I love to celebrate change and embrace opportunities for transformation.  Whether it’s as simple as decorating for the season or as complicated as making major life-changing decisions, change is good!

Fall Decor


{Fall decor around the Hall household.}

Just as we transition from one season to another within the year, we are also constantly transitioning from one point in our lives to another.  If you’re planning a wedding, you’re getting ready to make a huge transition.  I mentioned in my These Are The Days post that you should slow down and enjoy the planning and stop often just to take-in the day.  But you also need to take time to think about how your day-to-day life will transition as you journey through life together.  And then get ready to embrace all of the changes and challenges you will undoubtedly experience with your partner.

Perhaps you are getting ready to have your first child.  I’m sure you’ve heard over and over that your life is about to change drastically.  Well the reason people feel so compelled to tell you this is because we’ve all been there done that!  When faced with the daily challenges of adjusting to your new role as a parent, and dealing with the inability to sleep (or even bathe and get out of your jammies on some days), remember to take a deep breath and cradle not only that baby, but also the fact that you are growing as a person in ways that you are not even aware of, and be thankful for the adventure!

Ben Franklin Quote on Change


Maybe you’re getting ready to celebrate a milestone birthday.  My mother would often get melancholy on her birthdays over the years and talk negatively about getting older.  My response was always the same:  “Well Mom, it’s better than the alternative, isn’t it?  You’re still alive!”  I try to cherish each and every day and to thank God for lessons learned and for the courage He has given me to not only accept,  but also initiate change in my life without fear.

Whatever transitions you may be going through, reach out with both hands, grab on, and hold on tight!  Or maybe life is rolling along smoothly and it’s time to initiate some changes all on your own.  Don’t be afraid of failure!  If you never take the risk, you’ll never grow!

Fall Walk 2


Try to celebrate all changes in life, even those that may sneak up on you, because every transition in life is a chance for growth!  Like autumn leaves that were once brand-new little shoots of green life in the Spring, we all live through the changes, so let’s just learn to
treasure them!

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