Wedding Design; Keeping the Peace Between Your Vision and Your Budget

Let’s Talk Wedding Design…

Wedding Design | Yours For Your Day | Vintage Rentals | Colorado | Tables and ChairsAs women, we can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at us, or at least we like to think we can! But put a shiny, sparkly, love-filled diamond ring on our finger and watch what we can really do! As soon as we say “Yes!”, our minds are filled with couture wedding gowns and jaw-dropping bouquets, the venue dreams are made of, and a wedding planner who can totally read our mind!

And then reality starts to creep in. That one little pestering factor standing between you and your perfect, dream-filled wedding day: money! Unfortunately, that cash-growing tree has yet to be found and chances are that you are on a budget. No worries, right? You can totally do most of the stuff yourself!

Good girl for believing in yourself. Of course you CAN do it. Good ol’ Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  But before you pull on that Superwoman cape, do some rational thinking about your other obligations. You know, little things like your job, so you can set realistic expectations for how much you can handle on your own.  I love the feel of a good DIY wedding; you know that so much purpose and character and love goes into each detail. Take into consideration the size of your wedding, the length of your engagement, the amount of help and support you have, and the how much personal time you can dedicate to wedding planning and DIY.

Before You Go It Alone…

One more thing: if you are a wedding-newbie and have never been involved in planning one (like most brides), consider that there a many, many tiny, but so important details that are easily overlooked by an inexperienced bride.  For instance, heaters for an outdoor reception that may be in an area that is warm during the day but quite cool by sundown, like the mountains. The not-so-obvious details are easier to forget about until Grandma is shivering over her soup at dinner.Wedding Design | Yours For Your Day | Vintage Rentals | Colorado | Lounge Furniture | Wedding Decor

We have compiled a short list of things to take into consideration for your wedding design and when contemplating how much DIY to take on.  This is just a list of ideas and should not be considered all inclusive!

  • Length of your engagement
  • Actual “free” time you will have for projects
  • Your organizational and time management skills
  • Your ability to handle stress
  • What help you will have available to you throughout the planning process
  • Your “Day-of” vision; you don’t want to have to worry about a thing or maybe you want to stay busy and completely involved

Join us for a detailed look at all of these considerations and more in the wedding design companion issue of the Yours For Your Day magazine! It’s 15 pages full of so many details and advice; you don’t want to miss out!

P.S.  Yours For Your Day is also available for Decor Design Services and Day-of Setup and Styling Services; let us know if we can be of help!


Wedding Decor Guidance Series by Yours For Your Day Rentals

It’s All in the Details…Wedding Decor Help is on the Way!

Wedding Decor | Guidance | Yours For Your DayHey there!

Thanks for joining us for a brand new series on wedding decor guidance. Wedding decor sets the mood, creates atmosphere, and helps to create an overall experience for you and your guests. This series of posts will guide you through the decisions involving the wedding decor and design process. Planning to work with a professional planner? Getting just a bit of help from a day-of coordinator? Doing it all yourself with the help of family and friends? Maybe you’re using any combination of the above options and the great news is, we’ve got something for everyone in these posts to help ease the process of designing a wedding!

We Get It and You Can Get It Too!

As the owner of Yours For Your Day, I’ve had the privilege of working with so many wonderful brides, grooms, parents, and even extended family. I’ve learned that 1) most everyone has a budget, 2) most everyone wants to contribute their own creativity to their wedding through at least some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, and 3) most people haven’t designed a wedding before! Everyone can use at least some guidance and access to useful resources to get through planning this once-in-a-lifetime event. And while there is a wealth of information out there on planning weddings, the variety can be overwhelming so we wanted to give you something concise and easy to navigate!

Thanks again for visiting the blog and keep an eye out for the start of this valuable series (first post: Wedding Design; Keeping Peace Between Your Vision and Your Budget). We also plan to make available, free companion magazine issues chock-full of even more valuable information on designing your dream wedding! I know you’ll find at least some little tidbit of help within these free resources. Additionally, the Yours For Your Day team will always be available for more help should you need it! We’ve got more than awesome vintage and rustic rentals; we also offer decor design services and have a lot of connections to amazing vendors in the Metro Denver area. We’ve got you covered!  We’d also love to hear any questions or comments you have as we travel through this series!

Take care and best of luck on your wedding design process!
Yours For Your Day | Shelley Hall | Owner, Author | Yours For Your Day Blog





Perfection Image

Perfection…Let It Go!

Rustic Reception Tables
Ah, perfection. It’s what everyone wants when planning a social event, right? And I imagine that for some, planning a great little dinner party, the perfect first birthday party, or the best wedding ever, may come easy. If you are one of those talented and gifted individuals who can take it all in stride and pull together a fabulous soiree without a worry,  then today’s post may not be for you. But if you’re like me, and planning an event is a bit more challenging for you, then please read on!

I will be the first to admit that in the past, I was sometimes a bit crippled socially because of my ridiculous drive for perfection. Preparing the perfect food, having my house looking just perfect, saying the perfect things, even wearing the perfect clothes. All of this focus on being perfect, caused me anxiety when I had an upcoming event to attend or plan for. Can anyone else relate to this? Because sometimes, I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Ironically, it is that same attention to detail that now helps me to excel in my business. Working with someone else on their big day; piece of cake! Planning my own event; panic!


Dressers for Table Displays
Well fortunately, I have learned to relax a bit. Awhile back, I developed an interest in painting furniture and it sounds silly, but during my discovery of this creative outlet I learned to embrace imperfection! The particular style of painted furniture that I prefer and the materials that I use to create that look is what has finally helped me to accept that something can be wonderful without being perfect.  And that imperfection is actually just “character.”  And I’m happy to say I can now apply this lesson learned to other aspects of life as well. Even to how I view myself as a person.

I also remind myself that I’m the only one that has that vision of “perfection” in my head when I’m planning for something.  I’m the only one that knows exactly how something is “supposed” to be in the end.  Other people just see the finished product and are never measuring me against the ridiculous standards I set for myself.  So I’ve learned to let it go! (okay, yeah cue the Frozen song!)

Steinbeck Quote on Perfection


So if you’ve ever struggled with this issue or you’re dealing with it now as you plan for a wedding or big celebration, just accept that you can never control every aspect of the day, ever. From the very start of your planning phase, learn to embrace the fact that nothing is ever going to be perfect and it’s okay! Plan wholeheartedly, put “yourself” into it and the results will be wonderful and full of “character.”  The sooner we are all able to release that vision of “ideal”, the more enjoyable and fulfilling the event, that piece of furniture, or life will be!

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