Questions & Answers

How does your rental process work?

Yay, you’re interested in our one-of-kind rentals! First, go to our Collection page and pick out the items you’d like to have for your event. Then, create and submit a wishlist, give us a call at 720.409.3344,  or shoot us an email at and we’ll check the availability on the items you’ve selected and send you a proposal. Next, if you want to reserve these items, you’ll pay a 50% retainer and then pay the remaining 50% two weeks before your event. A week prior to the scheduled delivery, we’ll get in touch to discuss any last minute details. When your event rolls around, our crew will show up to deliver all of your goodies. We then come back and pick up everything at the end of your event! Voila, it’s just that easy to add unique character and charm to your event that will have all of your guests raving about your style and creativity!

Does a proposal hold my rental items for me?

It does but only for a limited time. Once a proposal is presented to you, the rental items on your proposal are “held” for you for (2) weeks and are unavailable for others. After (2) weeks, if we do not receive a retainer and signed agreement from you, the proposal expires and the items are released back into our inventory and made available to other folks.  A “Proposal Expiration Date” is listed at the bottom of your proposal for your reference.

So what will all of these fantastic rentals cost me?

That’s a good question and one everyone wants to know! That’s why we post all of our prices for each item right on our website so there are no surprises when you get your proposal (just click down to the item detail level to see prices.) While delivery, taxes, and other fees will need to be calculated, you will know exactly what the rentals themselves will cost so you may make an informed decision on whether you want to request a proposal.

Do you have minimum rental amounts?

We do, and let’s talk about why that is. We want to make sure you receive top-notch service without spreading our small crew too thin.  And because we live in Colorado, a delivery during low season within the Denver Metro area is a far cry from a delivery during the high season to the High Country, so we do have multiple minimum requirements as follows:

High Season (May-October Rental Dates) $300/Will-Call $600/Local Delivery (within 1 hour of our Denver warehouse)
Starting at $1000/Long Distance Delivery (more than 1 hour from our Denver warehouse)
Low Season (November-April) and Weekday (Tuesday-Thursday) $100/Will-Call $300/Local Delivery
Starting at $500/Long Distance Delivery

Can you tell me more about the delivery process and cost?

Sure, but please keep in mind, we’re talking about more than just a simple delivery! We pride ourselves on a very dedicated process of getting your specific rentals to you on-time, presented in good, clean, and serviceable condition, and then promptly picked-up when you expect us to be there! Here are the basics: we deliver to all parts of Colorado and perhaps beyond. The cost of these services is solely based on the overall size of your order, the specific pieces included in your order, and the distance our crew must travel to transfer goods to and from your event. Delivery is a big topic so for more details, please visit our Delivery Services page!

Is there an option to pick-up the items ourselves rather than having them delivered?

Yes and no. Certain items must be delivered because they are just too finicky or cumbersome to qualify for a will-call order. We do have some pretty strict requirements on how pieces must be transported but will-call is definitely an option and we can talk about those options once you know which items you’d like to rent!

How long may we keep the rentals?

The fee for each item that is shown on our website represents a daily fee but you may actually have the pieces for up to 3 days, if for example you need to have the order delivered the day before your event and maybe not picked-up until the day after. The daily rental fee covers a single event however, meaning you cannot have the order delivered for one event on one day and then used at another event the next day. All of those details beyond a day-of delivery and pick-up will need to be determined ahead of time but we like to be flexible!

Can I see your items in person and if so, where are you located?

Yes, absolutely and we encourage folks to visit our warehouse! We’re located in The Highlands at 4900 W 29th Ave in Denver. You will need to make an appointment for the visit but we would love the opportunity to show you around. It really does make a big difference when you can see the collection in person!

I love so many of your pieces, but not sure I know how to pull them altogether to match my vision, can you help?

You bet! We love working with clients to help take their ideas from vision to reality. We’re happy to make suggestions and would love to have you come visit our warehouse so you can see everything in person, which is a game changer when you’re trying to decide on just the right pieces!

I had something specific in mind but don’t see anything like it on your website.

Let us know what it is you’re looking for! We may be able to search for items or even hand-craft something that will match your vision! Our collection grows all of the time and sometimes it grows when we add items that someone has requested. It could be a win-win for both of us so please ask!

I need a little or maybe a lot of help in pulling my decor design together, can you guys help with that?

Yes, we’d love to help! We offer a variety of services so jump on over to our Decor Design Services page to see all of the details on these valuable services!

Can I make changes to my order?

Of course, We realize that you may have a change of heart or we may add something fabulous to our collection that you just have to have! Either way, additions and substitutions of equal or greater value are accepted up until (48) hours of your rental date. However, no item deletions may be made within (60) days of your rental date except for mismatched chairs which may be adjusted down to accommodate final guest counts (up to 10%).  All order change requests are based upon availability.

What is your cancellation policy?

Well, we’d hate to see you go, but we completely understand that some situations may arise and require you to cancel your order. And it’s okay because as long as you cancel more than (90) days from your event date, your entire retainer fee will be returned. If you cancel closer to your event, we do have a break-down of what will happen to your payments within the agreement that you will receive before you ever book the order!

Do you offer day-of decor set-up services?

We sure do! Ideally, if you are working with a wedding planner they will handle all of details for you. But, if you are going it alone, why not let us handle all of your day-of decor styling for you. That way, you, your family, your friends, and guests can just relax and enjoy the day without worrying about any additional responsibilities!

What happens if something gets broken or damaged during our event?

Well it does happen, that’s for sure so a mandatory non-refundable 10% “As Expected” fee is added to every order. This covers normal wear & tear as well as everything we do to the pieces before they come to you to make sure they are in good, clean, and serviceable condition. That said, the fee does not cover gross negligence such as damage caused by children with ink pens or pieces not protected from inclement weather. We’ll be bummed for sure, but never upset and we will charge a replacement fee (3 times the rental price) if a piece is broken beyond repair or just the cost of the repair or cleaning if something is stained for example.


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