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Lounge Groupings

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Let’s talk about several furniture pieces today! Not specific pieces but rather various upholstered pieces and tables that when put together, create amazing lounge groupings.  Lounge groupings are very popular at weddings. They are ideal for guests during cocktail hour. Mix in a couple of lounge groupings with a few cocktail tables and everyone will be so appreciative and impressed by such a thoughtful gesture! And they make for perfect little escapes at receptions to give guests a quieter spot to talk and visit with other guests, away from the music and revelry!


Everyone Enjoys a Good Lounge Session!Lounge Furniture for Rent, Denver Co | Colorado Weddings

Older guests will love that they have someplace chic and comfy to relax. Even the hardiest of party animals will enjoy a soft place to land and catch their breath between songs.  All guests will be woo’d over by a lounge that complements the wedding theme to a tee! And that’s because vintage furniture isn’t just for the vintage themed wedding. Nope, with so many different styles of furniture, the pieces merely look classy, chic, and perfectly curated!



We love when our pieces get to go out as lounge groupings because they’re great out-of-the-box additions to any event. We constantly hear back from our clients that they received tons of complements from guests about the furniture at their wedding. And that’s sweet, sweet music to our ears!Yours For Your Day | Shelley Hall | Owner, Author | Yours For Your Day Blog

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