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Possum Belly Table

Wedding Rentals | Denver, CO | Yours For Your Day | Rustic Possum Belly TableI probably could have come up with a different name for this piece but Possum Belly was just too cute. And hey, that’s what this type of table is called so why not just stick with a good thing!

When we first found this table, I just fell in love with the way it looked. I had no clue what it was originally used for! All I knew is that it was perfectly imperfect and would fit right in with all of our other misfit rentals! It wasn’t until some time later that I learned it was an antique baking table. I thought perfect, what better table to use for a cake or dessert display?

And that’s where this workhorse of a table shines most brightly! He’s perfect for displaying desserts because he’s deep and wide and fully capable of holding lots of our cake stands! And then there’s the drawers! Like all of our buffets and dressers, any and all of the drawers can be used to hold service ware, flowers, decor, etc. We especially love “flowers” spilling out of those big ol’ rounded bottom drawers that were originally intended to hold “flours”, get it?

Old Furniture Displays are Just Too Cool!

Anytime I can work with a couple who has a vision for something unique, outside of the box, and something other than a standard rental table covered with a standard linen, I am thrilled! Seriously (as my 6 year old granddaughter often says), anything you need a table to display can be displayed on an old buffet, dresser, or in this case, a possum belly table! I mean just look at all of that character!

Yours For Your Day | Vintage Wedding Rentals | Denver, Colorado | Possum Belly Table | Rustic Dessert Table
Possum Belly Table

So don’t forget to give some old furniture a thought if you need a table for something like a fabulous dessert spread! You really can’t go wrong and guests will be so impressed with your creativity and attention to detail!

Thank you dear Possum Belly Table for being so darn fun to own and rent out to people who grow to love you as much as we do at Yours For Your Day!Yours For Your Day | Shelley Hall | Owner, Author | Yours For Your Day Blog

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