Yours For Your Day Delivery Services

While we use the term “Delivery Services”, what we really offer is so much more than a simplified term. In our case, delivery service also includes retrieval service. And because we are a specialty rental company, our collection requires special care when getting an order to and from a client’s event.  Most of our items are vintage and don’t neatly fold or stack on rolling racks. So the process of packing, transporting, placing, breaking-down, and retrieving of an order is no small feat. The term “Delivery” doesn’t fully describe what our highly trained team must accomplish with each and every order that goes out from our warehouse, but the term is recognizable and that’s why we use it.

Here’s what our “Delivery” services include:
  • Time and labor involved in packing and loading the order into the delivery vehicle(s)
  • Driving to the client’s event venue
  • Delivering the order within the specified delivery window
  • Unloading and placing items in designated locations
  • Driving back to our warehouse
  • Returning to the client’s event venue to retrieve the order within the specified pick-up window
  • Driving back to our warehouse
  • Time and labor to unload the delivery vehicle(s) and unpack the order
Here’s what our “Delivery” services do not include:
  • Styling or set-up (except for large items that require our set-up)
  • Dismantling or striking the client’s event


Clients’ needs can vary when it comes to delivery timelines, so we do offer two different levels of delivery service.

Vintage Rentals Denver Delivery


Standard Delivery Service:
The client’s order will be delivered within a specified 2 hour window and/or retrieved within a specified 2 hour window. Our standard service ensures our team will arrive no later than 3 hours prior to the start of client’s event (unless less time is required by the venue.) Delivery and retrieval windows are assigned and confirmed no less than (7) days prior to client’s rental date.

Specialized Delivery Service:
Client’s order will be delivered and/or retrieved at specific times. This service is provided when a larger or more complex order requires our team to be on-site at a specific time, when venues require a specific load-in or load-out time before and/or after the client’s event or when a late-night (11:00 PM or later) retrieval is requested. And if the client is say flexible on our arrival but needs a specific retrieval time, we can adjust the level of service for each request to meet their specific needs.

Delivery Fees:

The fees for these valuable services vary based on location, order size, items selected, and whether the client requires Standard or Specialized service. Because each delivery fee is determined by these variables, there are no starting or flat delivery fees. We only charge what it will cost us to get the order scheduled, delivered and retrieved and these services are not a revenue source for our company.

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