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A Simplified Season

A Rustic Christmas Mantel

Well if you’ve read some of my previous posts, you may be detecting a common thread and that is simplicity. I’m constantly striving to breathe pure simplicity into my life. Most of the time, I fail miserably! I know how I want things to go down: uncomplicated, focus only on what really matters, and “Keep It Simple Stupid!” But inevitably, I get caught up in all of the details and end up getting stressed-out way more than I should. And while my failed attempts are always smacking me in the face, I do have to give myself some credit for at least trying! At least I give it some thought and if I’m being honest with myself, I do have success quite often.

Vintage Bottles Make Great Rustic Decor


And I really do need to learn to celebrate those achievements, regardless of how small they may be. So guess what? It’s that time of the year, the most stressful time of the year! And a perfect example of a lack of simplicity and focus on what really matters.  How many times do we all hear things like “Jesus is the reason for the season!” or “We need to remember the true meaning of Christmas!”? It’s true, we all know what it’s “supposed” to be about and we try to remind ourselves, but yet, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to break free of what Christmas has evolved into for most.

Christmas Quote on Industrial Plates
Words Simplified: No clue what these things were in their original form but I have them in the stairway and change-out the quotes often to remind us of the things that matter each & every time we go up/down the stairs!

It’s hectic shopping sprees, parties, and one expectation after the other to be met. Well, I’m really trying to get back to what this season really needs to be about. At least what I hope it to be for Warren and I. I’m not sure if those around us will follow-suit, but we all need to lead by example, right? And if putting these thoughts out there for all of you can help at least one person just stop to take a moment today and think about ways to simplify the Christmas season and life in general, I’m a happy camper! It’s starts with the little things.

Trees Simplified: We love our Colorado Christmas Trees! Nothing better than going up to the mountains and finding that perfectly imperfect tree, or in our case trees (we especially love our Disney tree in the basement!)
Trees Simplified: We love our Colorado Christmas Trees! Nothing better than going up to the mountains and finding that perfectly imperfect tree, or in our case trees (we especially love our Disney tree in the basement!)

Little details such as decorations, trees, and gift wrap. Sounds silly, but I’m thinking if I keep everything around me uncomplicated, then I will have a constant reminder of simplification. With natural and nonchalant nods to the season on display, maybe, just maybe, we’ll remember more often what it’s really all about. Vintage and rustic details help with this tremendously! The gift giving is probably the biggest challenge because there’s been a whole lotta precedent set in that department, but I’m trying to get grounded there too!

So whether it’s the Christmas season, planning for a big event such as a wedding, or just dealing with day-to-day life, join me in taking on a new personal decree to “Simplify!” Let’s get rid of all that “clutter” in our planning, surroundings, and lives so we can focus on the things that really matter: faith, love…LIFE!

Merry Christmas | Yours For Your Day | Rentals Simplified

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We Can’t Have It All!

I’ve been absent from the blog for a few weeks now and I apologize for that. We’ve been traveling both for my husband’s business and we also went on a road-trip to look for new items for our Yours For Your Day rentals inventory.

Vintage French Wash Stand
My favorite road-trip find: a vintage french wash stand!

I share something in common with our clients who are planning their events and are completely overwhelmed with all of the choices out there! I absolutely love vintage, weathered, salvaged, rusty & crusty stuff!  And while there’s a whole lotta stuff out there that is wonderful, most of it is just not quite right for our rentals inventory!

Like so many, I also spend a lot of time wandering through Pinterest, various blogs, Facebook posts and tweets looking for all of those amazing “just right” details.

Rustic Table Rentals
Rustic Table Decor



Just like our clients who are trying to decide on what they want their big event to look like and the experience they want for their guests, I too am always in the process of evaluating what I want my curated collection to look like and what I want my clients to experience when working with
Yours For Your Day.

So here’s what I do to narrow down the details as I’m adding to my inventory and If you are planning for a big event, you too can use this exercise:





Make a list of all of  the things that are most important to you for your big day. Is it the food, the decor (my personal favorite), the music, the cake, your photos?  Then incorporate those priorities into your desired guest experiences. What do you want your guests to “take away” from each of those aspects of your event? Now take all of those details you’ve been dreaming of and utterly bombarded by, and decide what best fits into your newly incorporated list of priorities. If something doesn’t “fit”, get it off your list. Continue to whittle away at the list until you have aligned all of the “just right” details with your priorities and then focus on making just those details come to life.  Oh, and stop looking for new details after that, you’ll drive yourself crazy!

Possum Belly Table
Ah, there’s more of those “just right” details! Southwest Boho Chic Shoot (See Credits Below)

Anyhow, I thought I would share with you today just a bit of my challenge and how I  go about setting goals for creating my collection of eclectic rentals and how to best meet the expectations of my clients. I hope that you may be able to apply some of what I’ve learned, to planning for your event because… we really are in this together!

Back soon,

Southwest Boho Chic Inspiration Shoot:
Photography:  Laura Smith Photography
Styling: Prive Events
Vintage Rentals: Yours For Your Day
Flowers: Bailey’s Blooms
Cake: D’s Sweet Addiction



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Perfection…Let It Go!

Rustic Reception Tables
Ah, perfection. It’s what everyone wants when planning a social event, right? And I imagine that for some, planning a great little dinner party, the perfect first birthday party, or the best wedding ever, may come easy. If you are one of those talented and gifted individuals who can take it all in stride and pull together a fabulous soiree without a worry,  then today’s post may not be for you. But if you’re like me, and planning an event is a bit more challenging for you, then please read on!

I will be the first to admit that in the past, I was sometimes a bit crippled socially because of my ridiculous drive for perfection. Preparing the perfect food, having my house looking just perfect, saying the perfect things, even wearing the perfect clothes. All of this focus on being perfect, caused me anxiety when I had an upcoming event to attend or plan for. Can anyone else relate to this? Because sometimes, I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Ironically, it is that same attention to detail that now helps me to excel in my business. Working with someone else on their big day; piece of cake! Planning my own event; panic!


Dressers for Table Displays
Well fortunately, I have learned to relax a bit. Awhile back, I developed an interest in painting furniture and it sounds silly, but during my discovery of this creative outlet I learned to embrace imperfection! The particular style of painted furniture that I prefer and the materials that I use to create that look is what has finally helped me to accept that something can be wonderful without being perfect.  And that imperfection is actually just “character.”  And I’m happy to say I can now apply this lesson learned to other aspects of life as well. Even to how I view myself as a person.

I also remind myself that I’m the only one that has that vision of “perfection” in my head when I’m planning for something.  I’m the only one that knows exactly how something is “supposed” to be in the end.  Other people just see the finished product and are never measuring me against the ridiculous standards I set for myself.  So I’ve learned to let it go! (okay, yeah cue the Frozen song!)

Steinbeck Quote on Perfection


So if you’ve ever struggled with this issue or you’re dealing with it now as you plan for a wedding or big celebration, just accept that you can never control every aspect of the day, ever. From the very start of your planning phase, learn to embrace the fact that nothing is ever going to be perfect and it’s okay! Plan wholeheartedly, put “yourself” into it and the results will be wonderful and full of “character.”  The sooner we are all able to release that vision of “ideal”, the more enjoyable and fulfilling the event, that piece of furniture, or life will be!

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