Okay, So Now You Have To Do It!

Well, in my first post I talked about who we are (remember, we have really cool eclectic furniture and stuff that people can rent instead of buy for their weddings, parties, etc?) And in my last post I talked about why I decided to start a blog (I was brutally honest about how I was told that I had to blog for Yours For Your Day to be successful but how I was uncomfortable with blogging just for that reason, remember?) And now, the time has come and I have to actually blog! Honestly, I’m nervous. I want to do right by those who take the time to read the blog, give you something fun and/or useful to read, and I certainly don’t ever want to waste your time.  I won’t pretend to be an expert (other than we do know a little something about providing cool vintage furniture and decor for your weddings, parties, and photo shoots!!!)  But I will be honest, straight-forward, and maybe even a little entertaining at times. There are a million resources out there for folks who are planning events and so my challenge is to come up with some fresh new helpful content to share with you weekly and I’m taking this challenge very seriously!  No, seriously!


Okay, so what to blog about? First, look at this pretty picture… (I’m supposed to post pretty pictures to keep it interesting!) I took this picture while on our annual color drive last week to see the turning aspens here in “Colorful Colorado!”


Okay, back to the topic:  For the most part, in future posts, I will be passing along thoughts, tips, and strategies for surviving the celebration of life’s events from a more personal level! The planning, the anticipation, the wanting everything to go perfectly, are all stressful aspects of event planning.  Maybe I’ll share with you some thoughts or experiences I’ve had over the years, advice, pretty pictures for inspiration, who knows?  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to also post about upcoming or just completed events that we are privileged to be a part of because hey, it’s what we do and we’re proud of our participation in the special days of our clients. And if we do add something amazing to our inventory, I may share that with you, but that will be the exception and never the norm, promise!

I will also share content from other resources along the way to contribute to this journey we’re on. So please visit the blog regularly (you can subscribe and never miss a post) and we’ll have a wonderful time exploring life in general and a different side of event planning (and maybe a few familiar sides as well.) Thanks for visiting!

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To Blog or Not To Blog…that was the question.

Happy Sunday and welcome to Part 2 of my introduction posts!


To blog or not to blog; just another one of the many questions and tasks I needed to address during the start-up of this new rentals business.  So here’s the process I went through to make this decision and ultimately why I decided “To Blog”.

The reasons “To Blog”:

Let’s be honest, everything I’ve read and heard says you have to blog for your business.  You have to keep content fresh on your website for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results, you have to connect your brand to users in multiple ways, blah, blah, blah.  So I’m thinking, I have to blog!  Great, so now what?  I start researching and find other businesses similar to ours are sure enough blogging.  So do I really need to start a blog for this business to be successful?  Answer:  “To Blog”

The reasons “Not To Blog”:

In my research of other businesses, I also discovered that most of them were merely blogging about their business; something like this:”And just this week, we added this gorgeous new trashcan to our inventory; take a closer look over on our website:”

Galvanized Containers

Okay, so that got me to thinking, we’re already posting stuff like this all over the place:  “like us” on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yoursforyourday; “follow us” on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/yoursforyourday/, Twitter: http://twitter.com/YoursRentals and eventually Instagram: http://instagram.com/yoursrentals

So, do I really want to post the same stuff on a blog just for the sake of saying we have a blog?  Answer:  “Not To Blog”.

But I knew I couldn’t leave it at that.  I knew I had to push myself and think outside the box.  And so I began to get creative and decided that I needed to look within and around and come up with a way to blog about aspects of life, my life, and hopefully connect with others who share the same thoughts, insecurities, issues, you name it.  And all while still being mindful of how these various aspects of life apply to my business and to my clients and the planning of their events.  So the question was ultimately asked and answered: “To Blog.”

So in my last two posts, I’ve shared the “Who” we are details and we just talked about the “Why” I started this blog.  My next post will be the final introduction post which will address further the “What” kinds of topics I am going to blog about.

Have a wonderful start to your week and oh yeah, I live in Colorado and it is Sunday, and it is football season, and I am a huge fan, so…”Go Broncos!  Beat those Seahawks (this time!)”

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Rent a Vintage Dresser! Wait, What?

Hi there!  Welcome to the first of a 3-part series of introduction posts for Yours For Your Day. So who is Yours For Your Day anyhow?  Well, it’s me (Shelley) and my husband Warren and it’s also anyone else who is willing to jump-in and help us out in these early days of our event rentals company based in the Denver, Colorado area.

Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you!

So what do we rent?  We rent eclectic (think vintage) furniture and rustic decor to folks who are looking to create unique and utterly original events.  So weddings, parties, corporate events, photo shoots…you get the picture?  Well, maybe not.  I often get confused looks when I say the words “rent” and “dressers” together for example.  And my normal clarification is:  why rent a boring standard rental table that must be then covered-up with a rented tablecloth when you can rent a really cool old dresser, or vanity, or rustic table instead?

The Tommy Lou Buffet
The Tommy Lou Buffet
Rustic Reception Tables
The Oehlerking Table

 See anything a standard rental table can do, vintage furniture pieces can do better!  They’re basically just tables with a whole lot of charm and character!  But we do have some pretty amazing tables too!

 Mismatched event chairs and benches give guests something much cooler to sit on than traditional rented plastic folding chairs.  Truly eclectic!

Ceremony 1
Mismatched Event Chairs

Then there’s our fancy upholstered furniture and rustic decor that are great for photo props; take a look at some of these beauties:

Elizabeth Set
The Elizabeth Set
Upholstered Chairs
The Alvena Chair


So now that you know a little bit about who we are, watch for my next post on why I wanted to start a blog for Yours For Your Day. Thanks for visiting!

Vintage Bicycle Prop

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